Artists Talk

C.Barroso Loque / Colette Sadler / Sarah Forrest

This artist discussion will take on board how technology’s translation of individuals and their interactions into logarithms, mirrors the abstraction of the written lyrical I. The discussion will explore how both language and technology untie the self, the ego, and the other from the physical body. With this in mind, we’ll ask, to what extent do we end up creating fictions of ourselves and of others that fit perfectly within the digital age’s template options? And if this is the case, who then is the author of our fictions? Likewise the talk will look into how our laptop, pc, or our phone becomes an other that reacts to our actions and our words, constructing a dialogue between us and it. Is this carried a step further, when language and machines begin to perform in our name? Do gadgets replace others? do they replace us? And can the inevitable feelings of frustration, disillusion and futility from this lack of any real contact be a way of opening up sites of psychological and social indeterminacy?